Why Not?

Kairos (Gr.) – The Breaking-in (of God on humanity)
Kronos (Gr.) – Time spent

Kronos and Kairos – God Opportunities in Lifetimes – K2

Why do we humans need meaningful moments? Why do we admire heroes? Why do we sing joyful songs of heroic deeds and wail mournful dirges in human failure? Why do we long for and preach of great love? Why do we want to join a movement where everything is at stake?

Because we humans feel more alive by surviving “dangerous impact.” And, because God created us and He is the God of impactful, meaningful moments and lifetimes. He is the hero sparking and completing the greatest heroic deed in the most heroic way; offering triumph though tragedy. In searching for us, and sacrificing for us, in Jesus Christ, God teaches us of the greatest love. And His kingdom is the one we can join wherein everything, temporal and eternal life, is truly at stake.

Gospel Ministers are those who have dedicated themselves to giving their most precious gift, their lifetimes, to be the hands and feet, hearts and minds, in connecting humans to God. But,-

Who will be the hands and feet, hearts and minds, that help refresh and renew ministers on their journey of compassion?

Become more meaningful.
Sing of God’s great love.
Preach and teach the “breaking-in.”
Because, for humans, everything is at stake!

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