Ministry-couple Retreats

In a few short, coffee/tea sessions, interspersed with rest, time for reflection and, of course, ample time for the enjoyment of God’s creation in the mountains, the K2 team strives to re-ignite the pastoral passion for those battling Bible sceptics and the biblically illiterate in this generation. The dynamic of recalling stories around a warm fire is transformational and breathes new life into preaching and teaching.

Most importantly, the scheduled discussion times share the continuing love and protection of His Church ongoing today, and the role that America has played and is playing for the Kingdom. The discussion sessions are customized to the retreat needs of each couple that attends. The aim is for couples to return to their respective churches, not only refreshed, but able to energize congregations and communities as never before.

There is no cost for the retreat stay. Three-day retreats are the norm and are calendared on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are made for those who are biblically evangelical ministry couples and, as guests of the McCormacks, are vetted in advance. Light meals and snacks are provided, but travel to and from the retreat center is not included.