K2 In The Caribbean

K2 – Pastor couple we are sponsoring in TCI

As we prayed for God’s guidance, He led us to the Michel Family. Cedric is Associate Pastor of a local church, working primarily with the “Creole boat-people” who launched small crafts in 2008-9 to flee from earthquake devastated Haiti. Cedric is a talented painter specializing in Christian and Caribbean art and a linguist who speaks English, French-creole, Spanish and “a little Arabic.”

His day-job is driving a cab for 40 hours a week. (Half of his fares go to the owner of the cab. So, some weeks, ends don’t meet.) His wife, Milouse, was a teen-aged refugee. There are hundreds of Creole people who are on the lowest rung of society as refugees, but they have been accepted into the Turks and Caicos,- and in the town called Providence! Their congregation is only about 30 strong, so the field is white unto harvest.

Matilda has her school uniform on and is a bundle of energy. And, Cattleya (means “orchid” in Creole), in mom’s arms, is catching her afternoon nap.

CJ & W. Michael with the Creole Ministry Bible-Study Team. Recently, Michael taught the Tuesday-night study for bolstering the team and the pastors. (Isaiah 40:31 was the text.)